Blood Vessel Health


Ingredients: Natto, red yeast extract, coenzyme Q10, grifola frondosus extract, seabuckthorn flavone, rhodiola rosea extract
Contents: 60 pills/bottle, 450mg/pill


Before and after stent implantation, Blood Vessel Health can help you to clear your blood vessels safely and securely.

  • Substantial effect within 7 days

  • Before and after stent implantation;
  • Frequent headaches and dizziness;
  • Frequent paralysis/stiffness/numbness in the limbs;
  • Major chronic pains in the heart or stomach
  • Severe stiffness, numbness, or paralysis of the body
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Highly concentrated and purified, all-natural and allopathic drug-free;
Severe hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar;
Late-stage hypertension, hyperlipidemia, or hyperglycemia, and associated circulatory issues and complications;
Allows reduced or suspended use of conventional drugs within 3 months of use (based on individual blood pressure and blood sugar content)

Regarding cardiovascular disorders:

Frequent headaches and dizziness (non-cold-induced) or frequent paralysis/stiffness/numbness in the limbs or habitual oppressive pain in the chest and stomach suggests that there are blood clots pressing on the nerves in the local blood vessels, and that a severe cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease may occur at any time.
Young people need to particularly track whether elevated blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar are occurring at the same time as these symptoms. If anyone with these three elevated blood indicators suffers from these symptoms, it suggests that they may suffer from late-stage hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia, as well as the circulatory issues that can result from the same.

Are my blood vessels completely cleaned after a stent has been inserted?

Stent implantation is performed to help you solve emergency blood or circulatory deficiencies by placing a small tube in the artery that braces it and prevents it from closing again, in order to prevent any further cardiovascular issues. Stent implantation may not necessarily unclog the entire blood vessel or circulatory system; it serves only as a temporary stopgap to reduce the short-term risk of cardiovascular accidents.

Consider Blood Vessel Health as your safe, effective, and low-cost way of cleansing your blood vessels.

Stent implantation can help resolve a short-term circulatory deficiency, but it cannot cure a vascular disease.
Blood Vessel Health can dissolve blood clots quickly, steadily and continuously cleansing intravascular connections and blood vessels so that the intravascular environment can return to a healthy state and allowing blood health indicators to return to an optimum balance.

Heart diagram:

支架手術前後: Before and after stent implantation

習慣性手腳麻痹: Chronic paralysis in the limbs

血瘀性心口悶痛: Intense, chronic pain in the heart and stomach

心臟血管意外: Cardiovascular emergencies

心臟血管問題(血管硬化、狹窄、有血塊等): Cardiovascular issues (angiosclerosis, angiostenosis, blood clots, etc.)

血液酸性物質過高造成的膽、腎、膀胱有晶粒: Crystal grains in the gall bladder, kidney, and urinary bladder caused by a buildup of acid in the blood

血瘀性後期三高及併發症: Late-stage hypertension, hyperlipidemia, or hyperglycemia, and associated circulatory issues and complications

A picture of the chest:

腦退化: Brain degradation

視力退化: Loss of vision

記憶力退化: Loss of memory

習慣性頭痛頭暈: Chronic headaches and dizziness

腦血管意外: Cerebrovascular emergencies

支架手術前後: Before and after stent implantation

腦血管問題(血管狹窄、有血塊等): Cerebrovascular issues and disorders (angiosclerosis, angiostenosis, blood clots, etc.)

A picture of blood vessels:

血管: Blood vessels

尿酸過高: Excessively high uric acid levels

Dissolves blood clots;

Stimulates blood circulation to resolve circulatory issues;

Strengthens the brain and protects the heart


  • Dissolves blood clots;
  • Severe headache and dizziness;
  • Severe paralysis in limbs;
  • Excessively high uric acid levels;
  • Before and after stent implantation
  • Severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular ailments;
  • Severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems;
  • Severe stiffness and paralysis in the body;
  • Loss of hearing, sight, or memory
  • Late-stage hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia, and associated circulatory issues and complications

Long-term use of Blood Vessel Health can:

1. Thoroughly cure severe hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia, allowing use of conventional drugs to be reduced or suspended.

2. Inhibits loss of memory, sight, and hearing in people in cognitive-heavy occupations.

3. Continuous use of the product for extended periods can eliminate the need for stent implantation, allowing the blood vessels to be cleansed safely, naturally, and securely.

4. After stent implantation, the product can be used to thoroughly cleanse the blood vessels and eliminate the need for follow-up operations.

For patients who do not take conventional medication for their hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar, but suffer from these diseases regardless, Blood Vessel Health can not only inhibit these conditions, but also make it unnecessary to take conventional drugs to treat them, avoiding the production of toxic by-products and side effects.

6. For those with decreased hepatic, biliary, and pancreatic function, Blood Vessel Health can prevent fat from accumulating in the internal organs.

7. For those with chronic hepatorenal disorders, Blood Vessel Health can prevent acute functional degradation.

8. For those that chronically consume high-fat and high-cholesterol food, Blood Vessel Health can prevent excessive buildup of intravascular waste, reducing blood indicators and improving vascular health.

The following are real success stories from our customers, all of whom suffered from common illnesses. These are just a sample; there are many other redundant or duplicate cases which will not be shared here. The examples given in the First Edition will also not be repeated here, while the present 2nd Edition will also cover cases regarding the same type of severe symptoms. For cases where symptoms are less severe than those described below, you may expect even more rapid treatment and greater effect. Some of these cases are follow-ups of individuals whose cases were reported in the First Edition. Although those of good health may not feel dramatic improvements after long-term use, these products are extremely effective in improving and maintaining the body’s physiological functions and overall health and strength.


Mr. Hou was hospitalized twice, first for acute stiffness and then for paralysis in the body. After being discharged, his symptoms continued to worsen, and upon the recommendation of a friend he took Blood Vessel Health. About 1 week later, the stiffness and paralysis were both significantly relieved. He then began taking both Blood Vessel Health and Lucid Ganoderma Capsule. 3 months later, the stiffness and paralysis had completely disappeared, and Mr. Hou resumed his work. Due to his serious medical condition, his family members and he both felt very helpless and scared, but Blood Vessel Health allowed him to recover. After his recovery, he highly recommended these 2 products to almost all people around him, and spent a great deal of time convincing strangers who suffered from similar ailments to try these two products. He said that he felt very happy when others thanked him for this, and that he wanted to help more people. Now, he often spends spare money on Blood Vessel Health and the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule to help him maintain his health.

Pharmacological Principles:
Blood Vessel Health is powerful and takes effect quickly, rapidly decomposing blood clots to re-energize blocked cell tissues by supplying them with fresh and cleansed blood. By dredging the blood vessels continually, Blood Vessel Health can supply blood for injured cells to repair and rejuvenate. Continuous use can also greatly improve cardiac, cerebral, and circulatory functions.

2. Severe acute hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia, and associated circulatory issues and complications (e.g. high sugar levels in the kidneys)

Mr. Zhang suffered from severe hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar, with blood sugar levels exceeding 20, and severe symptoms including chronic hunger and thirst, rapid weight loss, high levels of blood sugar in the kidneys, and 6 or 7 instances of urination per night. He treated these conditions with both Lucid Ganoderma Capsule and Blood Vessel Health. Out of his impatience, he doubled the dosage, taking 6 of each 3 times per day. About 1 month later, he began to see obvious improvements: his blood sugar levels decreased and his nocturnal urinations decreased to 2, 1, or even zero times per evening. Most delightful of all, a growth on his head the size of a ping pong ball (neither painful nor itching) which had been there for 5 or 6 years, began to gradually shrink. After 3 months, he reduced the dosage to recommended levels: 3 pills per session, 3 times per day. He continued taking these two products for a total of 6 months, until his sugar levels returned to normal and the bump on his head completely disappeared.

Pharmacological Principles:
Blood Vessel Health can quickly breakdown the fat and sugar in the blood to relieve the pressure on the blood vessels and the kidneys.

3. Severe pain in the chest and stomach, or to prepare for or recover from stent insertion:

Mr. Chen suffered from severe pain in his chest for about 1 month, and had undergone stent implantation in a cardiac artery before. After taking Blood Vessel Health for 3 or so days, he felt his stomach relaxed as if a stone had been taken out of it. About one month later, his blood and heart rate indices showed significant improvements; 3 months later, as his blood health indicators remained stable and positive, he suspended his use of two conventional drugs (one pill per day per drug) which he had taken for over ten years prior. Since then, his blood health indicators have remained healthy.

4. Severe pain in the chest or stomach, paralysis in the limbs, prior to stent implantation, uric acid buildup:

Mr. Cai suffered from severe headaches and dizziness, as well as severe paralysis in the limbs and oppressive abdominal pains for more than half a year. He saw a doctor these ailments for several times and was suggested to be immediately hospitalized each time, but he didn’t want to stop working or undergo stent implantation, because he thought surgery would be dangerous. By accident, he saw an advertisement for Blood Vessel Health and purchased the product. After taking it for about seven days, he felt that his stomach relaxed, as if a stone had been removed, and his headaches, dizziness, and bodily paralysis were all significantly relieved. Three months later, all of his symptoms had completely disappeared and he recommended the product to many of his friends and relatives. He also often sends packages of Blood Vessel Health to them on holidays.

Pharmacological Principles:
For those with uric acid buildup or other severe circulatory issues, blood clots can easily harden or crystallize in the bloodstream, and when hardened blood clots flow through narrow sections of cerebral or cardiovascular arteries, a heart attack or stroke can easily result!
Blood Vessel Health can help resolve this by quickly dissolving blood clots, uric acid, and crystalline grains, and continuous use of the product can continue to cleanse the blood vessels until all symptoms disappear.
If blood indicators are normal, and there are no symptoms of vascular obstruction (e.g., headaches, dizziness, paralysis in the limbs, oppressive abdominal pain), it suggests that the blood is circulating smoothly and effectively. In such a case, of course, stent implantation should be unnecessary!

5. Chronic headaches and dizziness, fatty buildup in the liver and gall, renal circulatory disorders:

Ms. Zhao was in her fifties, and had developed lesions on her liver, severe fat accumulation in her bile duct, and blisters in her kidneys. She had also suffered from hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, headaches, and dizziness for many years. She bought Blood Vessel Health at one of our product exhibitions, and her headaches and dizziness completely disappeared within one month. A little over two months later, she received a general check-up for further consultation, the results of which stated that her blood parameters seemed to have returned to normal, that the hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and the circulatory issues in the liver had disappeared, that her bile duct had been unclogged, and that the blisters in her kidneys had disappeared, too. She spoke highly of the effectiveness of Blood Vessel Health and said that she would definitely recommend it to any person around her who needed it.

Pharmacological Principles:/strong>
vessels and continuously promote circulation, allowing the cells blocked by blood clots to be repaired and blood circulation to be restored, keeping the circulatory system in good condition.

6. Chronic headaches and dizziness, frequent paralysis in the limbs, stiffness in the face:

Ms. Li was in her eighties, and suffered from headaches and dizziness, paralysis in the limbs, and stiffness in the face for 2 years, and received little effect from both Chinese and conventional medical treatment. She also tried to use many different kinds of expensive health products, none of which helped. However, after taking Blood Vessel Health for 3 days, her face felt much better, and other symptoms such as her headaches, dizziness, and paralysis in her limbs were all significantly relieved. About 3 months later, all of her symptoms, including hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar, disappeared.

Pharmacological Principles:
Blood Vessel Health can quickly cleanse the bends and intersections of the vascular system, and continuous use can thoroughly cleanse the entire cardiovascular system, reducing blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels.

7. Severe chronic hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar; ending dependence on injections and conventional prescription drugs:

Ms. Lu suffered from generalized bone pain and paralysis in the limbs for over ten years. After she took Bone Fit and Blood Vessel Health for half a year, the pain and paralysis in her body completely disappeared, and she recommended the products to a childhood friend living in Guangzhou. Her classmate suffered from severe hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar, and had an excessively high blood sugar index, requiring insulin injections 3 times per day. To ameliorate her severe late-stage hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar, she took both Blood Vessel Health and Lucid Ganoderma Capsule. About 2 months later, her sugar index had improved, and she only required injections once every 2 days. About half a year later, she stopped taking the injections altogether, as her blood indices had become normal.

Pharmacological Principles:
Blood Vessel Health can quickly break down waste particles in the blood, consistently working to relieve the pressure on the pancreas, restore pancreatic function, and reduce one’s dependence on conventional drugs.

8. Rehabilitation after an acute cardiovascular or cerebrovascular attack.

Mr. Liu suffered from the effects of a heart attack and stroke for 2 years, which resulted in stiffness and paralysis in an entire half of his body. After he took both Blood Vessel Health and Lucid Ganoderma Capsule for about 3 months, the stiffness and paralysis were significantly relieved. Half a year later, he was able to move again, and his blood health parameters stabilized at healthy levels. He then stopped taking the conventional prescription drugs he had been taking for his hypertension, cholesterol level, and high blood sugar for over ten years.

Pharmacological Principles:
Blood Vessel Health can quickly dredge the blood vessels, while the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule can quickly restore nutrition supply for cells, allowing them to steadily cleanse and nourish the blood in affected cells and tissues, so as to quickly rehabilitate the body!