Bone Fit


Ingredients: Fish bone meal, fish collagen peptide, evening primrose seed oil powder, saffron crocus extract, donkey-hide gelatin (seaweed plant capsule)
Contents: 60 pills/bottle, 450mg/pill


  • Substantial effect within 7 days

  • Highly concentrated and purified
  • Thorough anti-inflammatory and pain reliever
  • All-natural and free of allopathic drugs
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Bone Fit is fully effective in comprehensively treating all aspects of bone diseases:

1. Restoring bone and cartilage together:

Yak bone powder: strengthens bones to prevent osteoporosis and improves the human immune system.

Collagen peptides: as the collagen molecule is highly soluble and has numerous applications within the human body, collagens peptide can repair injured cartilaginous tissues and help lubricate joints.

2. Extremely effective in promoting blood circulation, resolving circulatory issues and reducing inflammation. This product is made from evening primrose seed oil powder, saffron crocus extract, and donkey-hide gelatin, and is extremely effective in resolving circulatory issues, nourishing the blood, quickly breaking up inflamed soft tissues and repairing damaged cells.

3. Complete removal and recovery: completely eliminates joint pain or other symptoms of soft tissues such as swelling, pain, stiffness, and paralysis.

4. After healing, long-term treatment can gradually remove metabolites in the joints. Nourishes the blood, cartilage, and bone.

5. Comprehensive basic nutrition and health care

A follow-up visit with 10,000 users who have relieved their pain! This product has an efficacy rate of up to 99.9%!

(Takes effect in over 80% of users within 1-2 days)

Chronic diseases:
Bone spurs, sciatic pain, ischialgia

Shoulder pain, knee pain

Cervical pain, heel pain

Lumbar pain, finger pain

Painful urination, toe pain

Recent symptoms:
Traumatic injuries or sprains
Osteoporosis, torn ligaments
Treatment of injuries resulting from traffic accidents

Bone Fit gives you a pain-free life

An epoch-making product

With Bone Fit, joint pain is no longer incurable!

You and your family members can enjoy a happy, pain-free life!

To treat severe recent traumas (severe bruises, circulatory blockages, internal or external bone fractures as the result of traffic accidents or other causes), we suggest doubling the dose.

Please note: if you have been injured in a fall and your wounds are treated only by external rather than internal means, varying degrees of sequela or other recurring and chronic issues will occur, e.g., a recurrence of an old illness in wet weather, or atrophy and degeneration of injured muscles and related tissues. Thus, oral administration is more important than surgical treatment in the long run.

Long-term usecan take 20 years of stress and deterioration off of your bones!

Bone Fit has been sold in Hong Kong for 6 years, and enjoys a high reputation and numerous strong personal endorsements;
Fast-acting and completely effective; highly reputable, beyond all doubt.

The efficacy of Bone Fit has been not only recognized by orthopedists, but has also been highly praised by almost all users, who highly recommend the product everyone who may need it.

Bone Fit has helped a great many people suffering from arthralgia thoroughly eliminate various types of stubborn joint pains and have helped an number of people suffering from occupational disorders no longer have to work and struggle through bodily pain, but can live their lives relaxed and happily.

Bone Fit has also freed a large number of elderly users with severe arthrosis from their wheelchairs and walking sticks, allowing them able to move freely and travel easily. Their family and children have said that, “They now can walk like they were on wings, with the strength of much younger people.”

At the early stage, Bone Fit can remove arthralgia in elderly people suffering from arthrosis, and continuous use can quickly repair worn soft tissues and increase bone density, so as to fast promote the metabolism of both cartilage and bone tissue, improving the toughness and flexibility of cartilage and consistently increasing bone density.

The following are real success stories from our customers, all of whom suffered from common illnesses. These are just a sample; there are many other redundant or duplicate cases which will not be shared here. The examples given in the First Edition will also not be repeated here, while the present 2nd Edition will also cover cases regarding the same type of severe symptoms. For cases where symptoms are less severe than those described below, you may expect even more rapid treatment and greater effect. Some of these cases are follow-ups of individuals whose cases were reported in the First Edition. Although those of good health may not feel dramatic improvements after long-term use, these products are extremely effective in improving and maintaining the body’s physiological functions and overall health and strength.

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Long-term excruciating pain (which cannot be relieved by other types of physical therapy)

1. Severe bone spurs: Bone Fit + Blood Vessel Health
Ms. Chen’s mother suffered from severe knee pain and a physical examination suggested that bone spurs in her knees were the cause. She also suffered from pain in other areas, such as her pelvic bone. After taking Bone Fit and Blood Vessel Health for 3 months or so, the pain basically disappeared from all over her body, especially in her knee. Now she no longer needs a walking stick when walking down stairs.

Pharmacological Principles:
Bone spurs are induced by severe circulatory issues and inflammation in cartilaginous tissues, resulting in oxalic acid in the blood binding with the cartilage and calcifying.
Bone Fit can diminish that root inflammation and consistently remove circulatory issues in soft tissues, while Blood Vessel Health can quickly dissolve bone spurs. After a bone spur is thoroughly dissolved, the resulting paralysis and pain can completely disappear, and neither pain nor discomfort will appear again even if area is placed under heavy stress.

2. Severe bone degeneration, cellular atrophy, and complete inability to walk: Bone Fit+Blood Vessel Health or Bone Fit+Lucid Ganoderma Capsule is your solution.
A relative of Ms. Chen, who was over 80 at the time, suffered from sciatica with persistent excruciating pain for over ten years. She had been confined to a wheelchair for 5 years and underwent various Chinese and conventional medical therapies, none of which helped. After taking Bone Fit and Blood Vessel Health for 3 months, she was able to get out of bed to stand and take a few steps on her own, and she felt that her pain had been reduced significantly. The family members were very happy and spoke highly of the products. Ms. Chen’s other family members and friends then began using the same products, and all of them praised them for their efficacy.

Pharmacological Principles:
Bone Fit can quickly repair degenerated soft tissues while diminishing inflammation and relieving pain fast and continuously. Blood Vessel Health can quickly cleanse degenerated and atrophied bone cells so that atrophic bone cells can begin reabsorbing nutrients, so as to promote bone regeneration and repair. The Lucid Ganoderma Capsule can not only cleanse degenerative and atrophic bone cells, but also invigorates the qi and nourishes the blood. It is especially effective in curing degenerative diseases.

3. Severely pinched nerves or painful urination caused by severe vertebral stenosis: Bone Fit+Blood Vessel Health is your answer
Ms. Zhao’s father suffered from severe and painful lumbar stenosis along with cervical and knee pain for many years. Once, when having a serious pain attack, he was hospitalized because of his severe, paralyzing pain, but even after half a month of treatment he still felt no better. Ms. Zhao, who learned about Bone Fit at one of our product exhibitions, bought Bone Fit and Blood Vessel Health for her father. After taking the products for about one and a half months, her father felt significantly better, with his paralysis disappearing and his pain greatly relieved. About 3 months later, the pain almost disappeared. They recommended our products to many people around them, and spoke highly of our products and their powerful healing effect!

Pharmacological Principles:
Severe spinal stenosis: Degeneration will be caused if the metabolites in lumbar and cervical blood vessels cannot be regularly eliminated, due to severe strain or fatigue resulting from long-term trauma or injury. As degradation occurs, fluid will gradually accumulate in the spinal canal, resulting in it being narrowed, with the spinal cord being squeezed, pressing outward from between the gabs in the vertebrae, which pinch the nerves. Calcified liquid also presses the spinal cord against the nerves even further. In severe cases, the entire spine will suffer from excruciating pain, resulting in physical stiffness and paralysis.
Bone Fit can quickly relieve pain and inflammation as well as nourish degenerative tissues, while Blood Vessel Health can quickly soften and discompose built-up liquids, swelling, and calcified tissues in the spinal canal. After intraspinal abnormalities excess tissues and fluid have been cleared, the spinal canal will return to its normal, healthy state, and the parts of the spinal cords squeezed out of the side of the bones will return to their natural position.

4. Bone pain associated with autoimmune disorders: Bone Fit+Lucid Ganoderma Capsule
Ms. Chen suffered from bone pain related to autoimmune disorders for over 10 years, and her bone pain further induced skin rashes, swelling, itching, severe hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar and the severe complications associated with them, as well as severe loss of function of the hepatic, renal and, pulmonary systems, as well as severe pantalgia, including pain in all joints, fingers, and toes. She felt so painful that she couldn’t eat or sleep during fits of pain, and spent over 1 million yuan on ten years of therapy, with no effect on her symptoms weren’t reduced. After taking the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule and Bone Fit for 3 months, her pain was relieved by approximately 80%, and her skin rash disappeared. Half a year later, her pain completely disappeared and she stopped taking all steroids. The toxic factors in her blood and her blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels had returned to normal. Moreover, the resultant severe asthma and difficulty breathing also both disappeared.

Pharmacological Principles:
Immunological bone pain is usually as severe as it is difficult to treat. The disease is caused by a weakened immune system combined with extremely high levels of blood toxicity. As the toxified blood flows through the various tissues of the body, it robs the weakest internal organs and tissues of their function. The relief from pain resulting from Bone Fit is actually only a symptomatic treatment; the key to a cure is to dispel the toxins in the blood and repair the damaged cells.
Bone Fit can relieve pain and inflammation, while the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule can nourish and clean the blood to quickly improve hematopoiesis and blood flow to the hepatic and renal systems, as well as boosting the immune system to steadily, effectively, and thoroughly cleanse the blood and dispel all toxins, purifying the blood and consistently reducing toxic factors as they are devoured by the boosted T-cells.

II. Occupational Disorders and Chronic Degeneration

5. Occupational Disorders:
Mr. Chen was employed in a physically taxing job in the construction industry, and suffered from severe generalized pain in almost all of his joints. This pain seriously affected his work and he had to frequently ask for leave. After he took Bone Fit for 3 months or so, the pain throughout his body disappeared. Half a year later, he started reducing the dose to maintenance rather than treatment levels. 3 years later, his joint pain had yet to reappear, and he recommended the product to his colleagues.

Pharmacological Principles:
Occupational disorders and areas of degeneration differ between occupations

  • Shoulder pain: first occurs around the age of 50; symptoms include pain in the shoulder, cervical and dorsal muscles, in severe cases can be associated with paralysis.
  • Elbow pain: occurs in people constantly turning a single elbow, such as professional tennis players and cooks.
  • Wrist pain: occurs in people engaged in constant turning of the wrists, such as cashiers and typists.
  • Finger pain: occurs in people that make frequent use of scissors or suffer from severe finger disorders
  • Knee pain: occurs in people that frequently climb mountains or run, as well as professional drivers who constantly sit with bent knees, resulting in poor blood circulation to the knees.
Bone Fit can nourish bone and cartilage while relieving pain and inflammation. It can both eliminate symptoms and cure the underlying disease, relieving pain and repairing bones!

6. Bone Fit is the best bone supplement for anyone suffering from joint and bone degeneration, strained joints, or osteoporosis:
Early symptoms of joint strain include aching pain and limpness, weakness in the knees when walking up and down stairs, finger stiffness, and high muscular tension. When caring for your joints, the sooner the better!

Pharmacological Principles:
Bone Fit can quickly and thoroughly recuperate damaged or injured bones in a comprehensive way.
The sole criterion for judging the efficacy of a bone supplement product is whether it can take effect quickly. However, for asymptomatic people, there is a lack of previous examples and clinical evidence, because it is impossible for any product to produce an obvious external effect in asymptomatic individuals. The effect on those who suffer from pain is far more obvious, suggesting that the ingredients are effective and extremely easy for bone cells to absorb. Although asymptomatic people may not consciously feel better, the product acts on their cells in the exact same way, and thus the product has the exact same efficacy on them.
Long-term use of Bone Fit can keep joints and ligaments firm, soft and flexible, increase bone density, and effectively prevent bone strain and degeneration.
Its all-natural ingredients are extremely easy to absorb and can help even those with severe pain to reduce their pain levels after long-term use, going from excruciating, to moderate, to minor, to pain-free.

III. Traumatic injuries, torn ligaments, complications from traffic accidents, and other sudden injuries

Various types of fresh injuries: Traumatic injuries, sprains, torn ligaments, internal injury caused by external impacts or , and aftereffects from traffic accidents.
The therapeutic effects of taking Bone Fit to treat fresh injuries include pain relief, removal of circulatory disorders, and subsidence of swellings. Also, it is extremely necessary to completely cure and thoroughly treat the affected area to avoid recurrent or permanent harm.
In most cases, joint or muscle atrophy as the result of an injury is caused by malnutrition of cells in the affected area as a result of damage to circulatory issue and failure to remove damaged tissues.
Oral administration of the product can remove circulatory issues more thoroughly, as well as breaking up internal blood clots, thrombosis, and other circulatory disorders, which may not be visible but can still cause chronic pain or other harmful effects.
Bone Fit can supply nutrition to bone tissue while resolving circulatory issues and stimulating circulation generally, enabling both the principal and secondary aspect of the disease to be cured.

To treat severe recent traumas (severe bruises, circulatory blockages, internal or external bone fractures as the result of traffic accidents or other causes), we suggest doubling the dose.

Please note: if you have been injured in a fall and your wounds are treated only by external rather than internal means, varying degrees of sequela or other recurring and chronic issues will occur, e.g., a recurrence of an old illness in wet weather, or atrophy and degeneration of injured muscles and related tissues. Thus, oral administration is more important than surgical treatment in the long run.