Fast Fat Burning Capsule


Ingredients: L-carnitine, green tea extract, lotus leaf extract, cassia nomame extract, coix seed extract, fructus cannabis extract, chromium-rich yeast (Seaweed Plant Capsule)

Contents: 60 pills/bottle, 450mg/pill.

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L-carnitine-L-tartrate: This is a stable form of L-carnitine that is resistant to humidity, and thus is the most useful form of L-carnitine. It is an amino acid-like substance that can promote the decomposition of fat by the liver and kidneys. It is an ideal substance for weight loss and fat reduction.

Green tea extract: High-purity tea polyphenol can quickly remove fat and improve the metabolism of fat in deep tissue layers. Moreover, it is strongly effective in reducing oxidation and repairing cells. It can also effectively eliminate stubborn toxins and dispel them from the blood.

Lotus leaf extract: This can eliminate fat, oils, and toxins, and loosen the bowel to relieve constipation while preventing diarrhea.

Cassia nomame extract: a natural lipase inhibitor, which can stop lipase from taking effect, so as to inhibit adipogenesis.

Coix seed extract: This can invigorate the spleen and reinforce the stomach, promote metabolism of blood and water, and stimulate diuresis to remove swelling.

Chromium-rich yeast: 99% natural chromium-rich yeast can thoroughly ferment and decompose hard-to-break-down deep-layer fats and deep-tissue hemotoxins in the deep tissues while inhibiting the generation of new fat.

Natural 99% chromium-rich yeast is particularly noteworthy for its ability to fully ferment and decompose compact fat and lymphotoxins in deep tissue layers to accelerate the burning and discharge of fat. Lose weight smoothly and easily!

This handful of highly purified fat-burning ingredients are combined with fermenting and anti-inflammatory ingredients to eliminate fat and reduce weight. The product can greatly relax the bowels to help people with abdominal fat to reduce their weight!

Has constipation afflicted you for year after year?
The Fast Fat Burning Capsule help you become regular again!

Chromium-rich yeast can ferment and soften dried stool and repair intestinal mucosa. Highly purified fructus cannabis can help relax the bowels to restore intestinal health, remove all blockages, and keep your life smooth and easy!

Quickly burns fat;
Flushes out constipation;
Dispels intestinal toxins without causing diarrhea;
Purges internal heat and eliminates stubborn fat;
Reduces weight rationally with no relapses

Stubborn fat;
Stubborn fat;
Abdominal fat;
Excessive weight;
Severe constipation

The Fast Fat Burning Capsule is highly effective in reducing weight by:

Fermenting compact fat to soften fat and then rapidly decomposing it.
Cleansing all detoxification ducts and helping deep-player fat to metabolize, reducing weight without suffering from relapses.
While quickly burning fat through intensely boosted metabolism, this product will not only strengthen tissue and organic functions, but will also develop positive metabolic habits, gradually form a steady virtuous cycle!

Weight and diet management for those with severe fat trying to lose weight:

1. First, begin your weight and diet management by keeping a food and activity diary on the day after you first take your Fast Fat Burning Capsule.

2. Measure your weight after completing your defecation and urination each morning. (Weight of clothing excluded)

3. Record the type and quantity of food consumed during each meal of each day, and take your Fast Fat Burning Capsules with a cup of warm water half an hour prior to each healthy meal. For instance, for lunch, take 3 pills, and then eat a bowl of rice, a piece of steak, some vegetables, and an apple.

4. Be sure not to eat unless you actively feel hungry! Only when the body is hungry can stored fat be decomposed and turned into energy to fuel human metabolism.

5. The best way to reduce weight is to avoid food intake at night and ensure a healthy and lengthy breakfast and lunch period without affecting your health.
a. Eat to 70-80% of your fill, but eat adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, and fruits. Try to have lunch late; that is, only eat lunch after letting your hunger built for about 1 hour. If you feel very hungry before lunch, you can drink water.
b. Have lunch around 5:00p.m., and eat 80% of your fill, but eat a variety of food.
c. On this diet, you may not feel hungry before you sleep at 11:00p.m. Don’t take food before sleeping unless you are extremely hungry. If you feel very hungry, you can drink milk, or eat fruits or vegetables. Try not to eat carbohydrates.
d. This method of eliminating dinner actually transfers the food you would have eaten in the evening to breakfast, leaving you with a largely empty stomach while you sleep. In this case, more stored fat will be decomposed, and your organs will have a chance to rest, which is better for your health!
e. Avoiding evening meals may be uncomfortable at first, so you can instead gradually reduce the quantity of food at dinner, and can ultimately begin to skip dinner within 1 week.

6. Try to ensure that your daily body weight is less than it was the day before. Even a loss of only 0.1 kg is an improvement. If your body weight has not decreased, but has increased instead, you must identify the cause: have you eaten too much? Had dinner too late? Not exercised after your meals? Try to make up for that excess weight by making additional efforts to lose weight the next day, so that continue to lose weight day by day.

7. After taking the Fast Fat Burning Capsule, the frequency of your bowel movements will noticeably increase, and you will need to empty your bowels at least twice or 3 times per day. However, you will not suffer from diarrhea, but merely discharge internal waste. This because faster metabolism leads to more waste.

8. Your body weight will not be significantly reduced within the first week. In general, you will see an initial loss of 1-8 pounds, because it will take time for fat and stubborn body waste to be fermented.

9. Weight loss effects will gradually become increasingly obvious in the 2nd-4th weeks. If one’s diet is well managed, you can lose up to 20 pounds within 4 weeks, and a loss of 10 pounds will be quite easy.

10. For those with severe fat, dosage levels must remained constant through the 3rd-6th month, because the follow-up period is very critical and the ideal period for creating a virtuous metabolic cycle. Engage in healthy exercise to contract your muscles and help reach your goals!

The following are real success stories from our customers, all of whom suffered from common illnesses. These are just a sample; there are many other redundant or duplicate cases which will not be shared here. The examples given in the First Edition will also not be repeated here, while the present 2nd Edition will also cover cases regarding the same type of severe symptoms. For cases where symptoms are less severe than those described below, you may expect even more rapid treatment and greater effect. Some of these cases are follow-ups of individuals whose cases were reported in the First Edition. Although those of good health may not feel dramatic improvements after long-term use, these products are extremely effective in improving and maintaining the body’s physiological functions and overall health and strength.

1. Severe fat, weight gain, long-term fat, stubborn fat; weight loss without bowel issues:

Mr. Lin was in his twenties, and had suffered from fat for over 6 years. He tried many ways to lose weight, but all failed. After taking the Fast Fat Burning Capsule for 1 week, his body weight reduced by 3 or 4 pounds. Most of all, he could empty his bowels twice or 3 times a day without suffering from diarrhea. He felt light and comfortable. Within 1 month, his weight had gone down by about 15 pounds. He and his family both felt very happy, and he went down two clothing sizes. Although he had to buy new clothes, he was quite happy to spend the money. He went on to enthusiastically praise the effectiveness of the Fast Fat Burning Capsule! His family members told us that he was getting thinner with each passing week. He said that he would strive to lose more weight and aimed to lose 50 pounds. According to him, he would take one year to achieve this goal, and he believed that he could make it. He was committed to taking control of his appetite and to regaining self-control.

2. Stubborn fat accumulation, fat buildup on the waist and hips; weight loss without bowl issues:

Ms. Huang was in her forties, working a sedentary job with very little exercise, leading to fat accumulation in her waist and buttocks. Because she always felt tired at work, she had little energy to play sports. She used many weight loss products, but didn’t feel much improvement. After she took the Fast Fat Burning Capsule for 1 month, her body weight reduced by about 10 pounds. Her waistline shrank and her thighs became much thinner. She began emptying her bowels twice a day, and felt that she had become as light as a bird. About 3 months later, her body weight had reduced by a total of 15 pounds. Thinking that her weight was already satisfactory, she decreased the dosage to maintenance levels to reinforce her metabolism. She kept the weight off for the ensuing year.

3. Thick but loose fat, severe swelling; weight loss without bowel issues:

Ms. Liang suffered from puffiness and severe swelling from childhood on. She already ate very little, so she could not resolve this by reducing her diet. We believed her puffiness to be a result of insufficient circulation of qi and blood, and so we suggested her to take the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule and Fast Fat Burning Capsule to cure her fat. The products can reduce weight while invigorating the body’s qi and nourishing the blood. About 1 month later, she had lost 5 or 6 pounds, and her urination frequency and volume both increased. She began needing to empty her bowels twice or 3 times per day. In the 2nd and 3rd months, her weight had been greatly reduced, by over a total of 20 pounds. Moreover, she had lost four clothing sizes, and had gone from wearing an XXL to an M. She was very happy despite some resulting loose skin, because her skin regained its tautness within 1 year.

4. Severe abdominal fat with acute hypertension, high cholesterol, and/or high blood sugar:

Mr. Liu was extremely busy in his career. He had to eat out for breakfast and lunch and ate very rich dinners for business events. He always went to bed an hour after dinner, and as a result of this diet and lifestyle he therefore suffered from severe abdominal fat as well as acute hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. He took both Fast Fat Burning Capsule and Blood Vessel Health to treat these conditions, and about 1 month later, he had lost 8 pounds or so. In the beginning, he emptied the bowels 3 or 4 times a day, without suffering from diarrhea. About 3 months later, he had lost 15 pounds and his abdominal fat had completely disappeared and his figure had noticeably improved. The hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar had all disappeared, and his blood indicators returned to normal. He also ceased his usage of the conventional medicines that he had taken for 5 or 6 years at that time. He said that his current weight and figure were very satisfactory to him, and that he wanted to maintain his current condition.

5. Severe constipation:

Ms. Lin suffered from severe constipation for over 10 years, and sometimes had to refrain from going to the toilet while busy at work. As time went by, her symptoms became increasingly severe, and finally, she had to take glycerol for assistance. Moreover, her defecations only occurred every 3 or 4 days, making her extremely uncomfortable. She tried many expensive anti-constipation drugs and took traditional Chinese herbs, but all failed. After taking the Fast Fat Burning Capsule for the first time, she had a bowel movement without the use glycerol, even though it had been 3 days since her last defecation. Her feces looked obviously dry and thin. About 1 month later, her fecal matter had drained out the thin and fine residue, and she began defecating every 1 or 2 days. In the third month her treatment, her bowels began to move regularly, and she felt the need to defecate each morning. Moreover, her feces looked increasingly healthy, neither dry nor thin. She sometimes has even two bowel movements per day. Her skin coloration has significantly improved as well.