Sunshine Coriolus Versicolor


Ingredients: Red lucid ganoderma extract, ginseng extract, saffron crocus extract
Contains: 60 pills/bottle, 450mg/pill

Rapidly nourishes, stimulates, and purifies the blood to provide swift improvements to the human immune system

  • Highly concentrated and purified
  • Thoroughly cleanses the liver and kidneys
  • Nourishes cells to regenerate and replace damaged tissue
  • Restores hepatorenal function
  • Discharges liver toxins and improves renal circulation
  • Delays aging and prevents cellular deterioration
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The Lucid Ganoderma Capsule is crafted from top-grade red lucid ganoderma extract, ginseng extract, saffron crocus extract, all processed and concentrated with the help of the most modern American botanical extraction technology. As top-grade lucid ganoderma is produced using time-honored ancient Chinese formulation techniques and highly sophisticated technology, it is highly effective in invigorating one’s qi and promoting blood circulation, quickly treating hepatorenal disorders to help the body achieve a balance in yin and yang, and maintaining your overall health.

Red lucid ganoderma and ginseng not only invigorate the qi and nourish the blood, they also provide powerful hematopoietic factors to enhance blood production to treat the liver; the saffron crocus also resolves hepatorenal circulatory issues and eliminates blood toxins, providing you with improved circulation, and also repairs degenerated or injured cells, so as to quickly restore hepatorenal function.
  • Severe insomnia

  • Severe skin disorders

  • Severe headaches and dizziness

  • Severe paralysis in limbs

  • Severe tinnitus

Takes effect within 3 days

The effects of chronic alcohol abuse

Fatty liver disease

Severe degeneration of liver function

Severe hepatic blood disorders or hepatotoxicity

The aftereffects of electrotherapy and chemotherapy

The aftereffects of surgery

Low energy levels and physical frailty

Weak immune systems

Menopause (for both women and men)

Severe toxicity or circulatory disorders in renal blood

Severe deterioration of renal function

Foamy urine

Excessive urine

Severe kidney deficiencies

Swelling in legs

Severe stiffness of the limbs and circulatory complications

Severe paralysis in the limbs and circulatory complications

Late-stage hypertension, high cholesterol, or high blood sugar, and related circulatory disorders

Severe cardiovascular disorders

Severe choking, chest, and stomach pains

Severe insufficiency of coronary circulation

The Lucid Ganoderma Capsule is suitable for use by those suffering from the following conditions:

Advanced Cxx-T High-speed Immunocyte Enhancement Method

Autonomously strengthens the body’s T-cells

Fast, safe, and low-cost

Takes effect within 7 days

Effective in relieving pain, resolving circulatory issues, and eliminating discomfort

The Lucid Ganoderma Capsule is suitable for use by those suffering from the following conditions:

  • The effects of chronic alcohol abuse
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Severe degeneration of liver function
  • Severe hepatic blood disorders or hepatotoxicity
  • The aftereffects of electrotherapy and chemotherapy
  • The aftereffects of surgery
  • Low energy levels and physical frailty
  • Weak immune systems
  • Menopause (for both women and men)
  • Severe insomnia
  • Severe skin disorders
  • Loss of sight, hearing, or memory
  • Severe hypertension, high blood cholesterol, or high blood sugar
  • Hair loss
  • Physical stiffness or paralysis
  • Severe headaches and dizziness
  • Severe paralysis in the limbs
  • Facial stiffness and paralysis
  • Severe immunological problems (severe blood toxicity)

嚴重失眠: Severe insomnia; 嚴重皮膚問題: Severe skin disorders; 視力、聽力、記憶力退化: Loss of sight, hearing, or memory; 嚴重三高: Severe hypertension, high blood cholesterol, or high blood sugar; 脫髮: Hair loss; 身體僵硬、麻痹: Physical stiffness or paralysis; 嚴重頭痛頭暈: Severe headaches and dizziness; 嚴重手腳麻痹: Severe paralysis in the limbs; 面部僵硬痹痛: Facial stiffness and paralysis; 嚴重免疫系統問題(嚴重血毒): Severe immunological problems (severe blood toxicity)

The following effects are produced by taking the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule each day for extended periods:

The Lucid Ganoderma Capsule is a highly effective and comprehensive health product, which can rapidly ameliorate even severe symptoms and even help cure diseases through long-term use. It has beneficial health effects both for those in good health and for those suffering from ailments. The following are some of the main health effects of the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule:

Digestive system: Especially effective in improving hepatic, biliary, and pancreatic function
(Liver and pancreas)

Immune system: Quickly nourishes and purifies the blood to discharge toxins, gradually strengthening the immune system
(Liver and kidneys)

Nervous system: Quickly nourishes the blood and generates additional blood to keep your nervous system at maximum effectiveness.
(Brain and spinal cord)

Circulatory system: Rapidly breaks up and eliminates toxins and blockages in the cardiovascular system and lymphatic system, simultaneously repairs cells to prevent chronic and severe diseases.
(Heart and brain)

Endocrine system: Maintains optimum balance among endocrine glands including the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, and gonads.
(Brain and thyroid gland)

Degenerative diseases: Especially effective in curing degenerative diseases, including recovery of loss of brain function, sight, hearing, joints, visceral function, and hair loss. Continuously supplies damaged and degenerating organs, histocytes, and tissues with fresh blood to repair them!

The following are real success stories from our customers, all of whom suffered from common illnesses. These are just a sample; there are many other redundant or duplicate cases which will not be shared here. The examples given in the First Edition will also not be repeated here, while the present 2nd Edition will also cover cases regarding the same type of severe symptoms. For cases where symptoms are less severe than those described below, you may expect even more rapid treatment and greater effect. Some of these cases are follow-ups of individuals whose cases were reported in the First Edition. Although those of good health may not feel dramatic improvements after long-term use, these products are extremely effective in improving and maintaining the body’s physiological functions and overall health and strength.

Severe hepatorenal disorders:

hepatic, biliary and renal circulatory disorders and blockages; also applies to circulatory issues and blockages in other parts of the body

Severe diseases: (Example 1 and 2 concern individuals from the same family)

Ms. Zhao initially used our product Blood Vessel Health in order to treat several chronic ailments, such as headaches, dizziness, hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. After using the product for 1 month or so, she felt much better, and told us that her symptoms hadn’t recurred even during the hottest summer months of July and August (when her symptoms had historically been at their worst). She had developed great confidence in our company’s products and also bought Lucid Ganoderma Capsule to improve her hepatorenal function. A previous physical examination suggested that she suffered from circulatory issues in the liver, severe obstruction of the bile duct, hydroceles in her kidneys, and severe hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. After using the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule for 3 months, she received another general physical examination, suggesting that the circulatory issues in her liver and the hydroceles in her kidney had already disappeared, that the obstruction of her bile duct had greatly improved, and her hypertension, cholesterol and blood sugar levels had all been significantly decreased. Ms. Zhao was thrilled at this, and afterward specially called our customer service staff and told us that, “Your products work so well, I was very lucky to find them!”

Ms. Zhao’s mother was in her eighties and had had breast lumps for several years. Initially, she felt neither pain nor itching, and didn’t tell her daughter about them out of fear that she would worry. She recently told her daughter, and these lumps were diagnosed as malign by both traditional Chinese and conventional medical standards. She had suffered from chronic cardiovascular disorders as well as severe hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. She didn’t want to undergo surgery, electrotherapy, and chemotherapy, and after topical application of traditional Chinese medicine, she began to grow blisters. The situation looked grim. Then her daughter Ms. Zhao, who had become particularly confident in our products, consulted us and bought her mother the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule and Blood Vessel Health. 1 week after she began to use them, her blistered skin began to heal and her lumps began to shrink. Her entire family was very pleased. After continuous oral administration, her small lumps disappeared, while the larger lumps continued to shrink.

3. Late-stage Hypertension, High Cholesterol, and High Blood Sugar, with Circulatory issues and Complications:

Chronic cranial swelling & growth:
Mr. Zhang suffered from severe hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar, with blood sugar levels exceeding 20, and severe symptoms including chronic hunger and thirst, rapid weight loss, high levels of blood sugar in the kidneys, and 6 or 7 instances of urination per night. He treated these conditions with both Lucid Ganoderma Capsule and Blood Vessel Health. Out of his impatience, he doubled the dosage, taking 6 of each 3 times per day. About 1 month later, he began to see obvious improvements: his blood sugar levels decreased and his nocturnal urinations decreased to 2, 1, or even zero times per evening. Most delightful of all, a growth on his head the size of a ping pong ball (neither painful nor itching) which had been there for 5 or 6 years, began to gradually shrink. After 3 months, he reduced the dosage to recommended levels: 3 pills per session, 3 times per day. He continued taking these two products for a total of 6 months, until his sugar levels returned to normal and the bump on his head completely disappeared.


Pharmacological Principles:
Formulation Principles: Uses the advanced and high-speed Car-T immunotherapy method, which quickly, safely, and cheaply boosts the body’s T-cells and autonomic functions.
While quickly resolving circulatory issues, the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule can invigorate the body’s qi and nourish the blood to help rapidly strengthen immunocytes and allow them to consume diseased tissue more thoroughly, allowing degenerated or atrophied cells to be repaired while diseased cells are gradually eliminated. The diseased cells are gradually consume until they completely disappear, and the remaining cells are simultaneously repaired.
Circulatory issues are rapidly resolved, reducing the pressure on the liver and kidneys.
The Lucid Ganoderma Capsule and Blood Vessel Health act together to quickly and thoroughly remove stubborn blood clots, blockages, and hemorrhages throughout the body.

Similar treatable symptoms: blood clots, swelling, skin growths, blisters, inflamed lymph nodes, various types of severe diseases, and the aftereffects of electrotherapy and chemotherapy.

4. Severe deterioration of hepatorenal function, severe hepatic circulatory issues, , nephrotoxicity and renal circulatory disorders, severe hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar, and stiffness or paralysis in the limbs

Ms. Liu suffered from acute deterioration of her renal function as a result of medical malpractice, and had to receive dialysis treatments for over ten years. She suffered from chronic bone pain and fatigue for years, and had to use a wheelchair. However, after she began taking the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule, Blood Vessel Health, and Bone Fit for 3 months, her bones and muscles had regained some of their strength and she could walk indoors with the aid of a cane. Moreover, her liver, kidney, and blood health indicators all returned to normal. (Ms. Liu also stopped taking several conventional prescription pharmaceuticals that she had taken for over a dozen years during this period. We hereby state that users of not products should not suspend or reduce their dosage of prescription medications without the relevant health indicators having stabilized for an extended period and the consent of your licensed doctor. Further, the patient should monitor and determine whether their physical condition has been affected by suspension of conventional medicines, and whether the various indictors of one’s personal health have remained stable for extended periods without discomfort. In case of any discomfort, please see a doctor immediately!)
After taking our products, Ms. Liu felt much better, so she recommended our products to her parents. Her father had suffered from a cranial vascular disease, which left much of his body rigid and paralyzed. Her mother suffered from severe hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. Her parents both took Lucid Ganoderma Capsule and Blood Vessel Health, and 3 months later, they suspended their use of conventional medicines. Both of their blood indicator levels became stable and satisfactory.

Special note:
If your blood indicators remain healthy and stable after ceasing the use of conventional prescription drugs, this proves that your cardiovascular health has returned to normal. However, to prevent the occurrence or reoccurrence of vascular disease or relapse, all health products must be taken for their full prescribed duration and for extended periods of time. A healthy diet is also important, and blood health indicators must be watched closely)
Pharmacological Principles: Blood Vessel Health can rapidly clean your blood vessels, resolve circulatory issues such as blockages, clots, congestion, and hemorrhaging, as well as helping to balance blood sugar levels and other indicators, curbing hypertension, high cholesterol, and hyperglycemia.
The Lucid Ganoderma Capsule can cleanse the liver and kidneys, stimulate the generation of new blood, increase cell metabolism, and promote the restoration of bodily functions!

Similar treatable symptoms: Severe hepatic, renal, and pulmonary disorders, severe cardiovascular disorders, severe headaches and dizziness associated with numbness in the limbs, severe facial stiffness, paralysis, and/or piercing pain, severe late-stage hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar and associated complications (inducing deterioration of hepatic, renal, or visual functions)

5. Severe insomnia:

Mrs. Chen suffered from insomnia for over ten years and tried various medications to help her sleep, without any substantial improvement. After taking the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule, her quality of sleep was greatly improved, and she was able to sleep well every night.

Pharmacological Principles:
Chronic insomnia makes it difficult for the body to process the metabolic waste of brain cells, and after aa period long-term accumulation, the metabolic waste blocks certain tissue spaces, putting pressure on the autonomic nerves (the autonomic nerve cells in charge of sleep are always taut). The Lucid Ganoderma Capsule can instantly invigorate the body’s qi and nourish while quickly removing circulatory issues to make the autonomic nerves return to a healthy state of relative looseness, helping to improve your sleep.

Similar treatable symptoms: headaches and dizziness, pain the facial nerves, and/or facial stiffness.

6. Severe hearing loss and/or tinnitus:

Mr. Chen, who was over 70, began taking Bone Fit and felt an overall improvement in his health. He had poor hearing in the left ear, to the point of near deafness. After learning that the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule could restore hearing loss, he purchased a box and tried it out. Within 2 months later, his hearing had already undergone dramatic improvements. About half a year later, 80% of his hearing was restored.

Ms. Du suffered from acute earaches and buzzing noises in her years beginning 4 years ago, and despite her having taken conventional medical treatments for over a month, her symptoms not only did not improve, they became increasingly worse. One of our promotion specialists recommended the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule to Ms. Du, and she bought a box. Her symptoms had improved within one day, and by the next week they had completely disappeared. Due to her belief that her condition had been permanently cured, so ceased to use the product. However, the symptoms began to reoccur 4 years later. When this happened, she immediately bought another box of Lucid Ganoderma Capsule and her symptoms once again had markedly improved within 7 days. She called us and asked us about the effects of continuous dosage, and learned that her relapse could be attributed to her ceasing to use the product 4 years ago. She repeatedly attested that the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule was highly effective, that she had become sharply aware of the problem and that she would use the product regularly.

Pharmacological Principles:
: Circulatory disorders and clots in the blood vessels of the brain are often concentrated around a bend or intersection of those blood vessels, at which an insufficient blood supply results in tissue deterioration and cellular stress. The Lucid Ganoderma Capsule can rapidly nourishes the blood while removing blockages and other issues, so as to quickly repair deteriorated tissues by increasing their blood supply.

Similar treatable symptoms: loss of hearing, sight, memory, and brain function.

7. Severe skin disorders; severe immune system disorders.

Mr. Chen suffered from rosacea on the skin of his head and face, as well as severely itching and flaking skin, with frequent ulcerations upon scratching. One of our promotion specialists recommended the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule to him, and itchiness disappeared 3 or 4 days later. Moreover, the ulcers also began to heal. Mr. Chen was very satisfied and continued to take the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule for 3 more months. As a result, the color of his scalp and face recovered to nearly exactly that of his normal skin color.

Pharmacological Principles:
Chronically itching skin or painful joints can basically always be attributed to problems with the immune system. This is usually caused by an excessively high quantity of toxins and related factors in the blood, in which immunocytes keep repeatedly attacking other blood cells.
The Lucid Ganoderma Capsule can quickly dispel toxins and cleanse and nourish the blood, while rapidly strengthening the T-cells that comprise the primary element of the body’s immune system, allowing toxins to be consumed or eliminated. As the body’s increasingly strong immunocytes consume the toxic elements, the patient’s health will improve, and autoimmune function will effectively inhibit the remaining toxic elements, making the immune system stronger. As a result, the patient’s body will be strengthened, as will their immune system!
For severely damp or irritated skin, erythema resulting from immune system disorders, coronary immunological problems, and immunological joint problems, this drug’s pharmacological principle is identical to its method of treating diseases. Car-T therapy is a quick, safe, and low-cost form of immunotherapy.

8. Severe hair loss:

Mr. Chen, who was around age 40, suffered from severe hair loss, resulting in his becoming nearly entirely bald on the top of his head. He also worked nights for much of his life and had suffered from severe insomnia for over 20 years. After taking the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule for about 1 year, his insomnia was cured, and he could work late without suffering from fatigue. The hair on top of his head also grew until it reached 90% of the volume of the two sides. After taking the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule for about 2 years, his hair had completely regrown, and it looked as if he had never become bald. While taking the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule, Mr. Chen also used hair loss shampoo.

Pharmacological Principles:
The Lucid Ganoderma Capsule can invigorate the body’s qi, nourish and cleanse the blood and cleanse the blood, allowing effective circulation through all layers of the skin, removing oil buildups at the base layer of the skin to restore nutrient flow to the root of the hair and scalp. Specialty shampoo also helps to cleanse the scalp and purify hair follicles.

9. Follow-up case from the First Edition:

Mr. Yin suffered from facial stiffness and trigeminal neuralgia for over twenty years, and his chronic headaches resulted in paralysis of the scalp. He used almost all commercially available lucid ganoderma products on the market, but he still felt n improvements. After using lucid ganoderma products and taking Chinese herbal medicine for five years, he met one of our promotional specialists, who recommended the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule to him. He said that he didn’t have much faith in the product, but that he wasn’t doing well and had tried all sorts of health products, as well as both conventional and traditional Chinese medicine. In his twenty-year quest, his health had never improved. But out of desperation, he reluctantly bought the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule. 3 or 4 days later, he felt a little better. Less than 3 months later, all of his pain and paralytic symptoms had disappeared, and his facial discoloration (resulting from poor circulation of cerebral blood) had largely faded. He has since learned that the Lucid Ganoderma Capsule is good for the liver, kidney and cardiovascular system, and has since insisted on taking it for 4 years, and none of his symptoms have reoccurred since. He has recommended our products to his family members, colleagues, and distant relatives, sharing his newfound source of relief.

Pharmacological Principles:
Those suffering from poor cerebral blood circulation caused by chronic sleep deprivation, insomnia, and excessive cerebral activity often suffer from localized cephalic stiffness or paralysis, particularly at joints or intersections of blood vessels, and this is often accompanied by severe pain. The Lucid Ganoderma Capsule can effectively promote blood circulation and nourishes the blood, allowing blocked blood to be cleaned and repaired until they have recovered.